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Dionisio herrera the institute was founded on october 9, 1993 for the purpose of training professionals for the future of honduras. It has its marching band,.

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Instituto Dionisio de Herrera

Dionisio Herrera The Institute was founded on October 9, 1993 for the purpose of training professionals for the future of Honduras. It has its marching band, which has earned the top national and international level.
Barrio Abajo, frente el Parque Herrera, costado izquierdo de la iglesia Los Dolores. - Tegucigalpa - Francisco Morazán - Honduras

Instituto Hondureño Español "Prof. Felipe Neri C

Col. La Reforma, Av. La Paz, Paseo la Reforma. - Tegucigalpa - Francisco Morazán - Honduras

Primary education in Honduras
Christian School to innovate and rescue values ...

Instituto Tecnico Manuel Diaz Palma

We are a nonprofit institution, our intention is to offer young people the opportunity to have a quality private education at low cost.
El Progreso, Yoro, Barrio San Miguel, 4 Cuadras al norte de pizza hut - Yoro - Honduras

Liquidambar School

A bilingual educational institution created to provide a quality alternative, knowing that the formation of citizens with moral, progressive and committed is the best contribution that can be provided to Honduran society.
Calle al Campo Scout, Barrio El Molino - Valle de Ángeles - Francisco Morazán - Honduras

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